Bulut - Kimsin Sen - Music Video

I tried to support the great music of Bulut by creating atmospheric and powerful pictures.


Director/Camera/Editor Georg Lembergh


Özlem Bulut


Marco Annau


Full HD, 4:28 min


"Wind-up" for Gerald Resch

The stunning music of modern composer Gerald Resch is a great inspiration to me.

With "Spin", "Fenster" and "Cantus Firmus" I tried to fly the pictures.


Director/Camera/Editor Georg Lembergh


Full HD, 1:41 min

"Das versunkene Dorf" - Trailer

In 1950 the village Graun was drowned in an gigantic reservoir, due to political reasons. A whole world dissapeared for the poeple of Graun.

The film explores the question of how they are dealing with their past lives and how they live today.

Director/Camera/Editor Georg Lembergh

Music      Marco Annau

Full HD, 3:40 min

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